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Different Types of Heavy Equipments Used in Construction

It is never easy to build a great architectural building as like a peck of your admiring sight on it. It requires ardent effort of marvellous engineering brains, science, and most efficient tools or equipments. When it comes to construction, it deals with heavy objects to make the art happen and thus as one of the best heavy equipment rental companies in UAE, bob cranes, believes it needs heavy and strong equipments.

How we help you?

For larger projects of our clients, we know that you require heavy construction equipments for various purposes. Heavy equipments are of different sizes that suffice different purposes. With one of the best heavy equipment rental companies in UAE, we let you know very soon about the wide array of heavy equipments which will allow you the freedom of choice to make your project cost effective and successful.

Different types of heavy construction equipments


This is admired by most of the construction company is widely used. This serve multiple purpose which majorly is excavation, while also efficiently suffices heavy lifting, demolition, river dredging, cutting of trees etc. The parts of an excavation are majorly a long arm and a cabinet to which can be rotated up to 360 degrees and they come in both wheels and tracked form.


Backhoe is also admired and incorporated for multiple purposes. The hoe arrangement of the equipment is on the back side while loading bucket locate itself on the front of the vehicle. This is majorly used for excavating trenches below the machine level and loading, unloading and lifting materials can also be carried out.

Dragline excavator

When it comes to larger excavation, you have to be supported by much efficient equipment and that is for the dragline excavator. Dragline excavator has a long length boom and digging bucket which is suspended from the top of the boom using cable. It is majorly used at construction of ports, for excavations under water, sediment removal in water bodies and many more.


It is a soil excavating equipment used to remove the top soil layer up to the required depth. The sharp edged wide metal plate at its front is used for the removal of soil. Hydraulic pistons is installed to enable the raising and lowering of this plate. It is majorly used for the removal of weak soil or rock, lifting of soil etc.


The trenches or trenching machines is popular to suffice multiple purposes including excavating trenches in soil, pipeline laying, cable laying, drainage purposes and more. The chain trenches and wheeled trenches are the 2 varieties of the trenches, while it contains a fixed long around which digging chain is given and contains a metal wheel with digging tooth around it respectively. Wheel trencher are popular to excavate hard soil layer.

Pile driving equipment

At pile foundation construction, the most important equipment would be pile driving equipment. It is capable to lift the pile and hold it in proper position and drive into an appropriate depth. Piling rings, piling hammer, hammer guides etc are some of the pile driving equipments.

Tower cranes

Hoisting purposes in construction of tall structures is done by the tower cranes. The equipment is strong enough to lift pre stressed concrete blocks, steel trusses, frame etc. to required height. The parts of the tower cranes are jib which is operating arm of the crane, counter jib which carries counter weight on rear side of the crane and an operating cabin.

The heavy equipment rental company in UAE, bob cranes, owns other heavy equipments too including loaders, scrappers, graders, pavers, compactors, telehandlers, feller bunchers, wheel tractors etc.

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