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BOB CRANES, The Construction equipment suppliers in Dubai stock different types of Manlifts. These Telescopic boom lifts are used for high reach applications. Benefits include a turntable that can be rotated 360° in either direction for easier positioning and a boom that can be raised or lowered from vertical to below horizontal and extended while the work platform remains straight and stable. When telescopic boom cannot easily approach the load, pick or drop, articulated booms can be used. Aerial work platforms play a significant role at worksite, particularly for the construction of electrical and telecommunication infrastructures, that are essential for daily life. A variety of models are also available for general construction.


Working Height- 43.30m

Working Outreach- 23.51m

Platform Capacity- 450Kg

Safe Working Load- 230Kg


Working Height- 40.30m

Working Outreach- 19.90m

Platform Capacity- 450Kg

Safe Working Load- 230Kg


Working Height- 38.73m

Working Outreach- 23.51m

Platform Capacity- 450Kg

Safe Working Load- 230Kg


Working Height- 28.21m

Working Outreach- 23.51m

Platform Capacity- 450Kg

Safe Working Load- 230Kg


Working Height- 20.42m

Working Outreach- 12.10m

Platform Capacity- 450Kg

Safe Working Load- 227Kg


Working Height- 18.15m

Platform Capacity- 680Kg


Working Height- 9.9

Platform Capacity- 570Kg

At Bob Cranes, we specialize in construction equipment units, including the products to lift materials and people. In JLG, we believe we have the best and most innovative Boom lifts in the market. Our association with JLG is part of what helps us to keep being one of the best construction equipment suppliers in Dubai city. The other factor that keeps us going strong is the vast experience we have in the UAE heavy lifting services industry.

Powerful and feature-rich, lifts are machinery with aerial platforms that simplify moving materials during a construction project and hoisting workers to tough-to-reach places. Lifts come in many different types, so you must understand the features and functionality of each business option. When handling the diverse requirements of your construction worksite, it is vital to choose the right machinery for each task. Think about the versatile boom lifts and scissor lifts available with us for the next project of your construction company in the UAE.

Your Go-To Scissor Lift and Boom Lift Supplier in UAE

A straight boom lift has a hinged arm that stretches out to considerable distances and heights, which may vary according to the features of each product. Also known as a telescopic boom lift, it is ideal for work on a rectangular structure or in an open space.

On the other hand, an articulating boom lift simplifies working at heights in construction. The construction industry uses the lift and personnel to execute a variety of procedures at height. Designed for lifting limited weights of generally under a ton, a scissor lift is an equipment unit that one individual can operate. This feature makes it different from other types of heavy construction machinery, like cranes to name one.

There are several construction equipment suppliers in Dubai that offer scissor lifts, articulating and straight boom lifts of JLG, including Bob Cranes. Several other companies have started to manufacturer their own products, but we strongly feel that JLG is still the best in this category.

The lifts of JLG are available for use in not just construction work but also airports, fire halls, convention centres, and other applications. JLG has a lift for virtually any project, but what we specialize in are the items for construction work. You can rent the product for whatever length of time you require it. Just google boom lifts near you and you might get to the page of one of the best construction equipment suppliers in Dubai market. Perhaps this is how you have reached this section.

Speaking of construction, it is vital to consider various features when choosing a lift from any supplier. There are product-specific factors as well as what your supplier may provide in the way of price. The amount to rent it may vary according to the specific supplier you choose to do business with. As one of the best construction equipment suppliers in Dubai, we believe that it is our responsibility to offer business clients lifts at competitive prices.

So, just dial us and speak to one of our staff, and we will aid you in getting the option that best suits your project. We have well-trained customer support professionals to help our clientele get the right equipment in a timely manner. Our professionals are also equipped enough to maintain the construction equipment units we have at our disposal while matching the necessary quality standards.

Carrying or handling many construction operations that involve working at height requires a straight boom lift for safety. Bob Cranes provides well-maintained and reliable boom lifts from JLG for rent to allow working efficiently and safely at heights in construction projects. Take a look at these products available with us and weigh them against your requirements to simplify the final selection.

JLG 1350 SJP

It is among the largest straight boom lifts with self-propulsion, a 43.30-meter working height, safety and reliability. The lift reaches its maximum height from the ground in just 95 seconds, thereby allowing one to spend less time placing the boom and more time operating. The capacity of the machine to go over physical obstacles and operate at heights enables using it in many different environments, including construction settings. Complementing the aforesaid characteristics is its platform capacity of 450 kilograms, which offers more productivity and versatility.

JLG 1250 AJP

The articulating boom-type lift offers a 40.30-meter working height, with much flexibility to boot. Diesel-powered and sufficiently powerful, the 1250AJP is appropriate for outdoor tasks that necessitate flexible equipment to lift other equipment and your workers safely. With the same platform capacity as the above-mentioned JLG lift, the product enables increased productivity and versatility.

JLG 1200 SJP

It is one of UAE’s largest stick boom lifts with self-propulsion and a 38.73-meter working height that offers safety and reliability. It reaches the maximum height from the ground in only 95 seconds, thus enabling an operator to position the boom for less time while spending longer at work. The capacity of this product to extend above obstacles and function at heights allows using it in various environments, including construction settings. What complements the aforementioned features is its platform capacity of 450 kilograms, offering more productivity and versatility.

JLG 860 SJ

With a 28.21-meter working height and quick function speeds, the lift from JLG enables amazing productivity while helping to ensure safety and reliability. The diesel-powered product comes with not just an articulating jib that enables a wider extent of movement but also a platform capacity of 450 kilograms. The product can move about on uneven terrain with ease, so it is suggested for construction business clients.

JLG 600 AJ

The JLG articulating boom lift has a 20.42-meter working height and a platform capacity of 450 kilograms, with much flexibility to boot. The diesel-powered product is a good option for outside tasks, where hoisting equipment and personnel safely requires a flexible piece of machine. The product allows deploying your construction staff and other equipment in an area on rough land without much space to manoeuvre. You also have the option to add an articulating jib to the product so that tough-to-reach spots become accessible for you.


The scissor lift from JLG offers a 9.9-meter working height and a platform capacity of 570 kilograms. It is usually utilized to do many different tasks safely in a narrow space with less room to manoeuvre at low height levels. It is also suitable for uneven terrain, so we would recommend renting it for safe outdoor work at the heights.


The scissor lift of JLG offers an 18.15-meter working height and a platform capacity of 680 kilograms. It is usually selected for an application that necessitates not just more workspace but also more hoisting capacity. It offers a considerable work area as well as a higher load capacity as compared to boom lifts. With the multiple features, it allows handling work on uneven terrain and job site congestion.


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