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Safety Tips for Using Mobile Cranes on Your Job Site

Safety Tips for Using Mobile Cranes on Your Job Site

Mobile cranes are lifting equipment mounted on wheeled or crawler-based chassis. As a result, they find applications in various construction and industrial work sites where easily moveable lifting equipment is a requisite. They come in different varieties including truck-mounted cranes, lattice boom crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes, and all-terrain cranes. The choice between these varieties depends on the specific requirements of a worksite including its terrain and mobility requirements.

Even though it is a versatile lifting solution with significant utility it is not devoid of safety hazards. This heavy lifting equipment is fatal with careless operations. To cite a study the one published in the International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion seems to be relevant. This study after examining crane accident data found that 70% of accidents could be attributed to human error. A major share of such errors are due to inadequate training and safety measures. This is exactly why the following safety tips would be helpful in case you are about to approach a mobile crane rental Dubai for renting one.

Conduct Thorough Site Inspections

Inspect the site for obstacles and terrain. Hazards like power lines should be given proper attention. It is recommended to operate cranes keeping a distance of at least 10 feet from power lines which carry about 50,000 volts. Also, look for fixed obstacles to navigate accordingly. Removable obstacles should be cleared to ensure a clear pathway. The terrain of the site is also significant. Ensure that it can hold the weight of the crane. Make necessary arrangements to ensure safe movement for the crane, its operator, and other staff.

Ensure Proper Crane Set up

The primary setup that any crane company in UAE will specifically give instructions on will be its stabilization. This is essential to avoid tipping and potential accidents. In this direction, begin with positioning the crane on stable ground. Use outrigger pads or mats to distribute the weights and ensure the crane is levelled. Also, remember that the setup could vary with crane manufacturers. So it is advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s guideline to ensure that the vehicle is stable.

Verify Load Capacity

Refer to the load charts to ensure that the lifted weight is within the crane capacity. This is essential to ensure the stability and integrity of the equipment delivered by mobile crane rental Dubai.

Follow Safer Rigging Practices

Once the site inspections, crane setup, and load verifications are done take a careful step-by-step approach to crane rigging. Begin with inspecting rigging equipment for damage or wear. Also, make sure to use the right rigging gear for the load. Ensure a clear channel of communication between crane operators and other workers. Standards signals or radios can be used in this direction. Above all this follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and industry standards for safer rigging.

Use Qualified and Trained Operators

According to studies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), comprehensive training and adherence to safety protocols reduce crane-related injuries and fatalities by up to 50%.  However such training should not be a one-time event.  Regular training for equipment updates only qualifies an operator for the safe handling of the machine.

So here we discussed some key safety tips that will help to manage the cranes rented from a mobile crane rental Dubai. These steps not only avoid the chances for hazards but also ensure that you are safe from liability issues due to equipment damage.

Now that you are almost ready to get the rental equipment it is time to choose the best mobile crane rental company. In this direction, BOB Cranes and its reliable fleet of high-quality equipment will be a prudent choice. Connect with us to discuss our services.

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