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Licensing and Certification: Understanding Requirements for Operating Rental Equipment

Operating Rental Equipment

A construction project involves tiresome jobs such as heavy lifting, moving, and drilling. Using manual labour for these tasks might have practical difficulties. Moreover, the time, labour, and money spent on manual labour give a rationale to replace them with modern equipment. Unarguably this equipment offers better productivity.

Purchasing heavy equipment for a single project or a particular task that takes little time is not a feasible option. This is why construction equipment suppliers in Dubai provide an option for equipment rental. With this facility, it is possible to leverage the utilities of a range of state-of-the-art equipment without having to bother about its maintenance or wear and tear.

However, operating rental equipment requires a minimum set of paperwork for safety and compliance.

Operating Rental Equipment: Basic Requirements

  • Regulatory Compliances: At the federal level the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology and at the emirate levels the local municipalities enforce certain regulations for rental equipment. This is to ensure the safety and quality of operations. Before partnering with any heavy equipment companies in Dubai make sure that they comply with the regulations of these bodies.
  • Identification and Documentation: The construction company has to show valid identification such as a passport or Emirates ID to the supplier. Moreover, they will have to submit additional documents such as trade licenses or proof of employment depending on the policies of the rental company.
  • Training and Certification: Some construction equipment suppliers in Dubai offer operating staff with relevant experience. In other cases the end user has to ensure their operators. The operator should have valid licenses to operate this equipment. In the case of equipment like a dump truck that may require to be navigated through roads, they should have relevant commercial driving licenses.Additionally, certain equipment requires certification of training. For example, forklift operators will have to submit proof of completion of a forklift training program. Some construction equipment suppliers even provide training at their sites.
  • Insurance Coverage: Insurance is essential to cover the losses for construction companies as well as in the interest of the equipment condition. If the construction company already has an insurance scheme, short-term rental equipment could likely be covered by this policy. Otherwise, they will have to purchase additional policy coverage. Some heavy equipment companies can provide this coverage along with the rental agreement.
  • Documentations upon Return: Other than licensing, certification, identification documents, and insurance coverage a construction company is expected to document equipment condition before return. This is a basic requirement that ensures transparency between the stakeholders. Any disputes later on can be resolved using this information.
  • Environmental Considerations: Adhering to guidelines from respective authorities on environment-friendly equipment usage on the construction sites is advisable. Even though this is not a mandate these are good practices that benefit the workers and the environment. ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for environmentally managed systems. Ensuring that the heavy equipment company in Dubai with whom you partner has such certifications is a recommended way ahead. This will endorse the safety adherence of this construction company, rating it with 5 stars in any safety inspections.

By now the basic requirements for operating rental equipment have been made clear. Now it is time to choose a heavy equipment rental company that aligns with your requirements. BOB Cranes with certifications such as ISO 14001 and other quality and safety management certifications will be a great choice to ensure a safe work environment at your construction sites. Our IAF-accredited services offer unmatchable quality among competitors in Dubai.

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