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How Do Environmental Conditions Affect Crane Operation and Safety?

Have you ever wondered how huge constructions were made in the ancient times?

All those towering buildings has been made by the ingenuity of the man of the past.

How did they manage to get those boulders up above the mansions? It is still a wonder for the modern man who depends on machines.

Let those wonders carry on as myths and legends. Present period is the age of machines. So let’s see how the modern man manoeuvre through the difficulty in lifting heavy weight for constructions.

Cranes, with a balanced structure, based on pressure point principles of physics is the state of the art technology used to lift weights, easing the efforts of man. You might have marvelled at the ease with which most modern Dubai cranes lift tonnes of steel or other construction materials.

It is also to be noted that operating this machine requires a skillset which includes logic and a bit of scientific aptitude. What about operating them in severe weather conditions?

See if a crane company in UAE were given a task to lift heavy weights in extreme weather conditions, they might show inhibition to work. This is for their understanding of the risks involved in handling cranes in extreme weather. Some of those risks listed below are mentioned by experts operating Dubai cranes.

Risks of operating crane in harsh environmental conditions: 

  • Wind speed: A crane is likely to crash causing injury or even death out of heavy wind actions. Crane company in UAE like the BOB Cranes have reported on the level of fatality a high speed wind velocity can cause on crane operation.
  • Lightening: The pole of cranes made of metal is likely to act as lightening conductor endangering the lives of crane operator and workers nearby.
  • Temperature: The temperature of the atmosphere might affect the cranes engine as well as other parts. As reported by some crane company in UAE, hot temperature could overheat the engine while extreme cold temperature could make its loading parts brittle.

 How to mitigate the risks:

  • Fluid check: Most Dubai cranes operators has recommended to ensure enough coolants and other lubricating fluids in cranes which helps in making the job easy.
  • Refer user manual: The user manual provided by crane manufacturers have provided the threshold load that can be carried by the crane. They have also notated specific wind velocity and corresponding load capacity. Most crane company in UAE recommends to lift a load lesser than the threshold in harsh weather.
  • Lightening alerts: Operator of many Dubai cranes advice to switch off the crane during lightening. This is for the safety of crane as well as the people working around. Workers are advised to stay away from a crane during lightening.

 Major crane company in UAE like BOB Cranes insist that their workers stick on to the safety guidelines to leverage the reasonable best out of their cranes. A work culture harnessed with safety measures is something every builder hopes for. Dubai cranes run by top companies like BOB Cranes are strict followers of such norms.

Are you looking for a crane company to rent a crane for your site work?

With a commitment to lift your expectation, BOB cranes, collaborating with leading crane manufacturers like Volvo and JCB is here to serve your purpose. In a competitive pricing you’ll be provided with the state of the art cranes suitable for your requirements. Most operators of Dubai cranes will guarantee the service offered by BOB Cranes.

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