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5 Things To Check Before You Make A Heavy Equipment Rental

heavy equipment rental companies in Dubai

Various industrial equipment units are required for heavy-lifting operations on job sites. These kinds of equipment do not come cheap. Therefore, to avoid paying a lofty upfront cost, many clients decide to choose the products from heavy equipment rental companies in Dubai city too. To determine whether you are making the right investment, make a comprehensive examination of various parts, including the following. Check the strength and quality of heavy-lifting machinery before choosing it.

Equipment History

You must check the history of heavy equipment to know whether the product has a lien attached to it or whether it has been stolen. Reputable heavy equipment rental companies in Dubai or elsewhere would not rent out problematic machinery. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take the guesswork out of the process through a physical examination of the product you plan to choose on a rental basis.

Removing the conjecture requires checking not only the maintenance logs concerned but also verifying whether the pieces of information in the documents are true. For instance, check the fluidic components of the machine such as the coolant, engine oil as well as the hydraulic and transmission fluids. Dirty or low fluids could signify an issue with the machinery.

Check For Damage

There will usually be indications of wear and tear, such as scratches and dings, on a used piece of equipment. You would not like to see rust or hairline cracks on the product you plan to choose from heavy equipment rental companies in UAE, though. Check the undercarriage or tires too, as the condition of those parts could inform much about how well the machinery has been maintained and handled.

Engine Exhaust

When the product you are thinking about choosing from a construction equipment rental Dubai service provider emits white, blue or black-colored exhaust, decide against the move. You should look for the following signs of an issue with the product.

  • Black exhaust: It means the equipment engine burns an excessive amount of fuel, which is possibly a sign of a faulty injector or dirty filter.
  • Blue exhaust: It means the engine burns oil, possibly due to a worn seal or ring or an engine oil overfill issue.
  • White exhaust: It means the fuel burns wrongly, which could signify that a malfunctioning head gasket allows water to combine with the fuel.

Another important aspect of doing business with heavy equipment rental companies in Dubai or elsewhere is to examine the hydraulics. As the first step of the process, activate the engine to operate the attachments. In the event you find it difficult to steer, or identify an unusual sound such as a chattering-like noise, it signifies a hydraulics problem with that equipment. Check for a pressure loss issue when you operate the attachments and verify whether there are consistently high fluid temperatures.

Equipment Height Capacities

Are you seeking pieces of machinery such as wheel loaders, excavators or forklifts from heavy equipment rental companies in Dubai or elsewhere? If so, be sure to confirm the heights that you would require that piece of machinery to get to for your specific job.

You may look at the specifications published on the websites of heavy lifting services Dubai based providers for that confirmation. However, it is better to check with that rental company whether the equipment you are planning to get can reach your minimum and maximum height requirements. This way, you can rest assured that you will get an error-free equipment acquisition on a rental basis.

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