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What Are The Equipment Used In Construction?

There are many machineries and equipment which are utilized in construction. Construction equipment are heavy-duty vehicles which are used to carry out different types of construction activities. Depending on the type of work different construction equipment can be employed for carrying out numerous tasks. BOB Cranes one of the leading construction equipment suppliers in Dubai have several types of equipment for construction work. We also offer the service of construction equipment rental Dubai.


Tele Handlers or telescopic handlers are equipment used across various industries especially in construction industry and agriculture industry. They are lifting equipment which can be attached with different things like with buckets, cabin, forklifts and so on. These attachments can also be changed as per the need. According to the type of the work undertaken these things are attached to the end of the telescopic boom. Telescopic boom is movable part of tele handlers. They can be moved diagonally, upwards or downwards depending on the type of job. Different angles and spaces can be reached by employing this. Tele handlers assists in lifting heavy materials. At different heights they can also be used as workers platforms. Tele handlers have strong durable wheels and can be used on and off roads. Tele handlers are a safe option when compared to other lifting process like manual lifting. They are operated by trained personnel and should be used according to the lifting capacity.


Excavators as the name suggests are mainly used for excavation. They help in digging and shifting sand and dirt at large areas quickly and easily. They are mainly utilized for digging holes and trenches, landscaping etc. These heavy construction equipment are not limited to excavation alone they can be used for lifting, river dredging, cutting of trees, demolition, placing large objects etc. They have boom, dipper (or stick), bucket and cab on a rotating platform known as the “house”. They can be rotated 360 degrees. Excavators are the best solution for construction works and projects involving heavy-duty digging or demolition.


Cranes are important equipment in construction industry. They are essential to lift, lower and move various materials to different places. This heavy lifting equipment are operated using chains, ropes, hoists etc. They help in completing the work efficiently and promptly. There are several varieties of cranes available. Each crane has specific purpose. While some are used for the construction of roads others are used for the construction of buildings. Depending on the requirement different type of cranes can be chosen. For instance, tower crane can be used in the construction of tall buildings while Mobile and crawler cranes can be used to move things around a factory. Cranes can also be employed in other industries as well like marine, mining etc.

Pile Boring Equipment

These machines assist in erecting precast piles by making holes in the required site.

Feller Bunchers

They are utilized to cut trees from an area. They cut, grab and collect trees. They can be employed where large number of trees has to be removed for making the area suitable for construction.


Loaders are machines which are used to lift the materials like construction objects, soil or demolition waste onto trucks and dumpers. Loaders consist of big buckets with rotatable arm. There are two types of loader tracked as well as wheeled.

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