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heavy equipment companies in Dubai

When it comes to lifting services, whether it is carried out with a Heavy capacity Crawler/Mobile crane, loader, or any other lifting device, we must rely on professional heavy equipment companies in Dubai. We should also take some precautions so as not to meet any unforeseen events, such as severe damage to the property, employees, or the crane itself. Cranes are equipment designed to lift and move heavy articles. In industry, these machines are typically equipped with internal combustion engines or electric and hydraulic motor systems to provide more power. Cranes in their different formats and models are used in all industries, with civil works, ports, energy and mining being the most demanding in quantity and capacity.

Hoisting accessories for heavy equipment have a certain load capacity. They cannot be used above the limit, as they can compromise the operation. It is necessary to know the load capacity of each accessory and check that they are in good condition. The heavy lifting services Dubai is a recommended activity for situations in which it is necessary to transport a piece of heavy article, vertically.

Quality and service help

Due to its complexity, the heavy lifting service can only be performed with authorization from the appropriate entity, which is responsible for certifying that the action will follow all the necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of the professionals who will carry out the procedure. It is an efficient solution, but it has a high degree of difficulty and needs to be carried out by professional heavy equipment rental companies in Dubai. The cranes leasing is a beneficial service because it is the opportunity to have access to modern equipment in the market. This makes renting the best option for those who need to transport/move heavy loads, but also need to reduce costs. When choosing to rent, it is not the customer’s responsibility to repair, store or maintain the crane.

The lifting is carried out by manual and mechanical techniques, using equipment capable of lifting heavy and bulky loads safely and effectively. In general, these devices are difficult to handle. Therefore, must be operated by an experienced and trained professional. To ensure that the operator responsible for lifting your article is really qualified, it is ideal that you hire a specialized company like BOB Cranes, one of the leading heavy equipment companies in Dubai.

How to ensure the durability?

First of all, you need to hire responsible heavy equipment rental companies in UAE that has experience in performing the service. The equipment must be in perfect condition while loading. It is also necessary to check the status of the trucks and trailers before loading the article to be lifted. Know the load to be lifted. If possible, hire two loaders. Operators must be trained and qualified for the service. Place signs at the place where the load is lifted. Site operators and workers must be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. Do not lift in case of strong wind and rain. The entire hoisting area must be isolated. Workers must not carry out their activities under the lifted load.

Types of Cranes

heavy transport companies Dubai

If we want to point out the types of wheeled loaders that exist, it would be difficult to classify them because there is a great variety and for different functions such as construction sites, ports, industrial facilities and others where it is necessary to lift and move loads, perform work at height and more.

Mobile and Crawler Cranes

Mobile cranes are gigantic. A Hydraulic mobile crane is built on ready-to-move vehicle platform. In this category we can find crawler or caterpillar cranes. We also find wheeled or truck cranes. These types of cranes have the advantage of being able to move from one place to another, thanks to their diesel engine propulsion model. Thanks to this, they are used as rental cranes for the development of projects, movement of large pieces and as support elements for the construction of buildings or monuments in any part of the national territory.

Fixed cranes

The so-called fixed cranes change the mobility of the machine with the ability to support high-capacity loads and manoeuvre at greater heights, having stability as the main strength. If you want to work with a fixed crane, it is necessary that they remain anchored to the ground during the period of use to reinforce safety. There are also the so-called tower cranes that are used for construction. The crane models are differentiated mainly by the tons and the length of the boom. They are used in construction environments, and to raise or lower heavy products at great heights or where access with other types of machinery is not possible.

Kindly determine your needs, and contract one of the best heavy equipment companies in Dubai at affordable prices.


The specification of a crane/Equipment must be taken into account and the type/size of the load to be lifted. Other fundamental aspects are the height that the boom will need to reach and the characteristics of the terrain where the equipment will work. Aspects related to safety must also be considered since the operation of cranes at the construction site has a series of intrinsic risks. The advantages of hiring the right heavy transport companies Dubai are many. But the primary ones are safety to your project and employees, affordability and durability.


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