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Things To Consider While Operating Cranes

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Cranes are heavy duty vehicles which are very important in construction work sites. With its many advantages also comes potential hazards. If not appropriately handled they are dangerous and can cause serious mishaps. BOB cranes, the leading crane rental company in UAE have different kinds of cranes which can be efficiently used for number of purposes. We are one of the recognised and distinguished crane rental UAE. You can contact our crane rental company in UAE for affordable and reasonable crane rental UAE.

Being a crane rental company in UAE which gives priority to safety we have put forward a few things to consider while operating cranes.

Make sure the crane is handled by experienced and qualified operators

Only those who are experienced and qualified should handle the cranes. Without proper knowledge there is high risk involved and also only those trained will know how to operate the cranes according to the standards and regulation.

Operator should check the cranes

It is important to check the crane before operating the machine. This will ensure that the crane is safe to use and will not cause any sudden and unexpected accidents on the site. The various parts of the crane should be examined. For instance tire condition, fuel level of the engine, suspension system, pressure gauge, battery, air reservoir, turn signals, anti-two block, the rated capacity limiter and outriggers.


While operating the canes overloading has to be kept in check in order to avoid damages to the cranes. Overloading can also cause accidents at the site. There are different types of cranes and each kind of crane will have different capacity. The capacity has to be checked before the crane is used. You can either discuss with the crane rental company or use load measuring technology to know about the load bearing strength of the crane.

Operator Manuals

There is often a tendency of not referencing to Operator Manuals. Operator Manuals contain important details like operator controls, safety mechanisms, load capacities, stabilizers, failsafe features etc. According to the type of the cranes the mode of operations and functions can differ. Having adequate knowledge about the crane which is going to be used is important for optimum work and for ensuring safety.


Work sites are always filled with different kind of sounds. Noise from machinery and other factors cannot be eliminated therefore having appropriate communication method is important to ensure that the work goes on smoothly and there are no errors while operating the cranes. Using things such as air horns, hand signals and so on can help the operators of the crane to carry out the work efficiently.

Selecting the cranes

There are different types of cranes available which are used for diverse specific purposes. For example aerial cranes are used for lifting objects to large heights, crawler cranes are suitable for soft terrains, JIB cranes are appropriate for moving things around efficiently. While selecting the cranes you have to choose the most suitable one for your job. Only then will your purpose be met and the project will be completed on time.

Stay Alert

While in the work site staying alert is important. This has to be followed while operating the cranes. Distractions such as checking the phones, talking unnecessarily etc can affect the work and cause mishaps at the work sites.

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