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How to Take Care of Your Large Construction Equipment Like Cranes

Construction companies and heavy equipment companies in Dubai have plenty of machinery that are crucial to their business. And every crane rental UAE must take care of their equipment in order to do excellent service and have more clients. Once the machinery is kept in its powerful self, you can be the owner of one of the best crane rental company in UAE.

Companies offering crane rental UAE will have a number of heavy machineries with them, and each one should be cared for in a different way. Since these machinery work in a horde of trying and tough environments, you will find a huge assortment of heavy duty trucks, cranes, concrete mixes, etc. And the construction industry is very huge too, with plenty of work for the heavy equipment companies in Dubai. So it is important to maintain these equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Steps taken by heavy equipment companies in Dubai

The crane rental company in UAE follows a particular routine to ensure the health of their crane rental UAE. Check them out:

1. Hire machine operators who are familiar with the machines

Unless the operators understand and feel the pulse of the machines they work with, they will not be able to handle it properly. They must be adequately trained in all the functions of the machinery so they will know if something goes wrong, instantly. They must also be able to identify what went wrong, so they can correct the issue instantly, especially if they are familiar with minor tweaking of such machinery.

2. Have a proper maintenance routine

It is important to have proper maintenance of the equipment, and heavy equipment companies in Dubai follow a regular routine of inspection and maintenance. The equipment will be checked for proper tire inflation, fluid tank leaks, fluid levels, the attachments on the machinery, missing of any parts, on a daily basis. This is something the operator will have to do. Other than that, the regular maintenance check has to follow all that the manufacturer has specified in their instructions and specifications. Timely maintenance must be scheduled in advance.

Taking care of the electrical wiring

Since the machinery from the heavy equipment companies in Dubai is meant to be used in dusty, muddy places and taken through harsh conditions, sometimes through heavy downpour, it is important to protect certain parts of the machinery that are prone to corrosion. Especially the metal parts, and shield the wiring components from water leakage.

Oil/leakage is never harmless

The crane rental company in UAE must be aware of oil leaks because if left unchecked, they could cause workplace accidents, slips and falls.

Misalignment of axles

It is important to know what kind of terrain the machinery is travelling through. Uneven terrain can be bad for the machinery health, and lead to misalignment of the truck’s axles. All heavy equipment companies in Dubai take special care while driving through challenging terrain.

Regular lubrication is a must

The crane rental company in UAE follows strict lubrication routines because no machinery works optimally without greasing or regular oil changes. With the right lubricant, the machinery becomes productive and reliable.


It is also important for the heavy equipment companies in Dubai to keep all the maintenance records. This would help in tracking and scheduling and would even help you analyse the health of the machinery.

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