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5 Most Common Lifting Solutions

There are different types of lifting equipment which are used across various types of industries. They help in meeting various works and are versatile. Many tasks can be achieved by using the lifting equipment. According to the type of the work and magnitude of the work varied lifting machineries are utilized. For efficient on time completion of any work the right kind of equipment have to be used. Renting the equipment is the most cost effective and beneficial lifting solution which will meet diverse kinds of requirements. BOB Cranes offers comprehensive heavy lifting services Dubai. We provide complex lifting services Dubai at the best price in the market.

5 most common lifting solutions are given below:


Tele handlers are also known as telescopic handlers. They have extendable booms with steel prongs. As per the requirement in place of prongs they can be attached with buckets, cabin, forklifts etc. The extendable telescopic booms can be moved vertically, horizontally or diagonally. They are mainly used in the construction, manufacturing and agriculture industries. Tele handlers make it possible to reach different space, height and angles. With robust wheels they can be used on and off roads as well. They come with a lifting capacity. They are operated by trained operators.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks have buckets or platforms at the end of the arms. Booms are attached to the truck and the boom truck can be moved easily to different worksite and are convenient to use. They are usually employed in maintenance work and other construction work.


Cranes are used to move, lower and lift heavy materials from one place to another. Mainly employed in construction industry (like in road construction, building construction etc), they are also employed in manufacturing industry, mining industry, marine industry etc. The cranes comprise of wire ropes, chains and other hoists. Cranes are of diverse types which serve different purposes. JIB cranes are used to move materials around efficiently. Tower crane are used in tall building construction. Aerial cranes also referred to as sky cranes are mainly used to lift items to large heights. Cranes are operated by professional operators. The crane operator is responsible for the proper working of the crane and safety of the construction site.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are aerial work platforms which are mostly used in construction industries. They are also used in logistics, painting, facilities management, HVAC repair, etc. They are used to lift workers as well as equipment. There are different types of scissor lifts like diesel powered lifts, electric scissor lifts, hydraulic lifts etc. While for outdoor activities diesel scissor lifts are utilized, for indoor work electric scissor lifts are utilized.


Forklifts are of many types and that which are utilised for industrial purposes are mainly employed to move and carry materials which are heavy. They can even be used on rough terrains. Bricks, steel, cargos and other construction materials can be moved from one place to another place and they can be lifted from the trucks and other site areas using this equipment. Forklifts are used in warehouses, recycling facilities, dockyards etc.

Being the leading provider of heavy lifting services Dubai/complex lifting services Dubai, BOB cranes has all kinds of equipment which will meet your requirement for lifting work efficiently. Get in touch with us for heavy lifting services Dubai.

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